I've been taking some videos of Wes and I recording "Great Moments in Dad Jokery" for The RockShow because these things are just so godawful that I need someone to understand my struggle.

We do these silly jokes on-air all the time, not because they're just hilarious, but more so that our listeners have something stupid to tell your co-workers when you get to work.

Here are a few of the worst ones so far:

Again, I want to apologize for how painful that must have been for you. Imagine getting paid to laugh at these. It's a cross I must bear for us all, and I'll continue to do it with a smile for as long as my contract lasts. Kidding! I actually kind of like some of them, but don't tell Wes I said that.

That one was totally uncalled for. My goodness. We got dark there for a second...

The next one looks like it was exceptionally painful to listen to. I try to block them out of my mind, but sometimes they haunt my dreams. Often, I find myself repeating them in public to store clerks or other random people that really just want me to shut the eff up. I'm sorry. Again. I just cannot apologize enough.

Now go forth and spread these terrible jokes like wildfire. Also feel free to follow me on TikTok for more obnoxious content like this.

If you'd ever like to submit a dad joke for the show, we would love it! You can email them to Chrissy.Covington@townsquaremedia or you could always call us and tell one on-air, or submit one to us via the FMX Facebook.

Once again, we are very sorry.

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