Have you been sick lately? Negative for COVID-19 and still feeling like death? I just got over a horrific sinus infection that I thought was going to straight up take me out. My head was killing me for days and I rubbed my nose raw blowing it. It was just terrible. I could barely hear and the pressure under my eyes was excruciating.

Sound familiar to you?

You might be experiencing an allergic reaction known at 'cedar fever'. It's sweeping across Texas right now and everyone is suffering. You can even SEE clouds of cedar pollen blowing off of the trees.

Check out this crazy video below:

Biologist Robert Edmonson, a forest service biologist, compared breathing the pollen to breathing during a dust storm. It's that thick.

So, what can you do to help relieve cedar fever?

Allergy medication and antihistamines are a good start, but if you're having a really rough go of it, I would highly recommend heading over to the doctor. It took steroids and antibiotics to kill the sinus infection I just got over. It was BAD.

You can also help to alleviate the pollen you breathe by chancing your car air filters and A/C filters in your home. AND, keep your windows shut if possible. You don't want it floating into your house and running a muck.

Good luck out there to anyone with bad allergies!

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