Some businesses are adding a "COVID-19 Surcharge" to bills. 

I fully understand the business interruptions that the coronavirus has caused, but how you ask me to pay for it is an entirely different matter. Adding a coronavirus surcharge to a check after the fact is just unacceptable.

Most of us have had to order off a menu based on price. We couldn't get what we wanted; we could only get what we could afford. When a fee is added along with tax, it becomes a new number that probably wasn't anticipated, and in some cases, can't be afforded.

Restaurants are supposed to be using paper throwaway menus anyways; they can just make the adjustments to those as needed.

The same story linked to earlier also talked about salons and dentists adding surcharges. These businesses are adding charges for cleaning and/or protective equipment. I kind of don't mind that one as much, because it seems a little more upfront and descriptive.

Coronavirus has added to the cost of business, kind of like low fuel prices have subtracted from the cost of doing business. So where's my 'fuel discount'? (We both know that's not going to happen.)

Viruses, fuel, labor, inventory and a million other things go into the cost of doing business. They should either just raise their prices, or absorb those costs and move forward. Surcharges are just nitpicking and make it harder for us customers to manage their money.

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