Local musician, Jordan McEwen, released a new music video for his song "There She Goes", directed by Neil C. Barrett, that features several of the most iconic Lubbock music venues and talented folks in our area.

I had a chance to visit with Director Neil C. Barrett, who has done work in the past for several huge brands like Adult Swim, Warner Bros., and Relapse Records. He told me a little bit about the video:

"We used 3 different cameras on the shoot and stitched the shots together with real VHS static to create an early 90’s home video vibe. The footage was captured at some legendary venues in Lubbock, including The Blue Light, the Spoon, and Club Luxor."

Camera work for "There She Goes" was performed by Brandon Blair & Noel Ramirez. Amelia Presley, another fantastic Texas musician, stars in the video alongside Scarlet Snicklefritz, Billy Mills, Jme Brock, Jerry Serrano, Henry Williamson, Jacob Cash, A. B., and Paul Hernandez.

Give it a listen below:

Lubbock, Texas is known for an impressive amount of talented folks. Please remember to support local musicians and artists in The Hub City by checking out shows and spending a few bucks on their merch, records, art, and services. We've seen just how far they can go, and it's something we should all be very proud of.

Want to find out where Jordan McEwen will be playing next? You can stay up to date on upcoming performances and find even more great music on his website.

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