The audacity...

TikTok creator @tues0n shared a hilarious albeit slightly unethical video of themselves filling bag after bag with food from a buffet. Sneaky, sneaky! I don't think I'll be testing my luck and attempting to take home leftovers from the buffet after watching this, but I am certainly entertaining the idea much more than I previously had...

I've never seen anyone do this before, and man, it's pretty bold. I wonder if he just crammed those massive bags of ribs, rice, and shrimp down the front of his pants. LMAO.

Check it out below:

Have you ever done something like this? I know, stealing is bad...BUT...when it's food, I have an easier time turning a blind eye. The struggle is real.

Here's what viewers had to say in the comment section:

"That's not survival mode that's grocery shopping."

"The man wrapped up the whole buffet under the table."

"Bro was showing the food like it was bud."

"Bruh bout to have the buffet police watching everybody now."

"Man's out here meal prepping."

"All goes bad in 1 day."

"That's enough to start your own buffet restaurant bro."

"Takin da rice is just too ghetto."

"What buffet be good enough for that?"

"Man took the ice cream."

You probably shouldn't try doing this yourself. If you get that desperate, I also highly recommend NOT filming it. I's kind of a crime, right? Or no? Tell me what you think in a comment below this article and keep scrolling for more silly stuff that will make you smile...

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