So far this summer, Lubbock has been VERY warm to say the least. But what are some ways to keep you cool during this hot season?

I have five interesting ways for you to keep your cool while staying cool this summer.

  1. Cool Sheets -- Stick a set of cotton sheets in the freezer for 30 minutes before bed. (We recommend you place them in a plastic bag first.)
  2. Watch What You Wear -- Cottons that are loose fitting and light in color are the best for keeping the heat off of you.
  3. Wet Parts of Your Body -- Do it, then stand in front of a fan or, if outdoors, find a breezy spot.
  4. Menthol Is Your Friend - If you have skin care products that use mint or menthol, slather them on; it will make you feel a lot cooler.
  5. Water -- Drink lots of water, but remember, your body will take tap water at room temp better than ice cold water.

So stay cool and hydrated this summer and hopefully, we'll all make it through!

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