Today is "V-Day".

The original "V-Day" was "Victory Day" to mark the end of World War II in Europe. Today could make the beginning of the end of COVID-19 if people behave in a responsible manner.

Today in Texas anyone 18 or older can be vaccinated against COVID. 16 and 17-year-olds can also be vaccinated but only with the Pfizer vaccine. It's all going to come down to people making a commitment to themselves, their families, their friends, neighbors, and their community at large.

There's nothing to be frightened over and no reason for hesitancy. Well over 50,000 have been vaccinated in Lubbock and if there was a problem, you'd know it.

There have been well over 700 deaths from COVID in Lubbock and any and every one of those people would have loved to have the opportunity that you now have.  The process is SO simple and smooth even I had a hard time believing it (the workers at the Civic Center, from info to the people giving the shots to the ones that check you out deserve a round of applause and our undying gratitude.

I would personally like to ask you to get vaccinated if you can. We rockers have to stick together and get back to having shows where we can get all up in each other business. I want to lock arms and do shots and go nuts when the guys hit the stage and do everything we used to do in those hot and sweaty venues. If you ever want that back, as I do, it's going to take a lot of you being vaccinated. We need a 40th FMX Birthday Bash and we need to do it safely.

Good luck, and monitor this site right here for available appointments

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