Everyone's a critic these days and by a critic, I mean jerk.

I just don't understand the need to run to the internet and give your opinion on every single thing out there. The world will survive without your opinion on the McRib or the service you got at the oil change place.  I certainly understand you want to steer your friends clear of bad experiences, but it's not necessary every time.

I guess at this point you can tell there is something under my skin. The world, and yes, the world was treated to a free play of Wonder Woman: 1984 on Christmas Day (at least if you had an HBO Max hookup). You got to watch a $200 million dollar Christmas event movie for pretty much nothing. Still, some folks have to jump on the internet immediately and say, "I didn't like it that much" or "it wasn't as good as the first".

These comments really bothered me, not because I'm a huge Wonder Woman fan, but because here at the end of one of the most terrible years that most of us have lived through, we got a nice little treat and some people want to just piss on the whole experience.  I don't understand why people just can't be grateful that for a couple of hours we were distracted from the hellscape of 2020.

It all just seems like whiny behavior to me. Maybe the movie was great and you were just distracted or in some kind of mood. Maybe your years in film school led you to believe that the characters didn't have enough emotional depth. Maybe you were upset because for that brief moment in time you weren't the center of attention. Judging by the need to run and post a negative review on Facebook, I'm going with that last one.

The world needs more gratitude and fewer critics.

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