People across the state are waking up to that glorious $1,400 stimulus check in their bank account on one of the biggest drinking days of the year.

All the bars in Texas are wide open in spite of only roughly 17 percent of our state's population receiving their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. Only 10 percent of Texans are actually fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

Sounds like a slippery slope that could have real consequences if we don't keep our s#!t together.

Everybody is going to be out and about tonight spending that cash and not caring at all that we are still not out of the clear with COVID-19. I mean, drunk people really loves hugs and high fives. Just saying.

Governor Greg Abbott elected to open up the entire state for business without a mask mandate, basically leaving it up to people and businesses as to whether or not a mask is necessary -- a decision that's caused a ruckus across the state.

Luckily, vaccinations are now widely available and we're moving in the right directions. The thing is, you can't really force someone to get them.

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You can only hope that your own friends and family are smart enough to understand that this disease doesn't care about your political affiliation, what holiday it is, how much you just really want to hug your friend...nothing. It just does not care. And just because you think people around you are being safer, does not mean they are.

Sometimes I think about it this way: If I was taking my puppy to a kennel for the week while I took a trip, and they told me that only 10 of the 100 other puppies at the kennel were vaccinated for Parvo, mine being part of the 90 unvaccinated, I would likely either get my dog a shot or not take him to the kennel. Simple as that.

Now just imagine you are the puppy.

And yes, you are the VERY GOODEST boy.

Good boys don't mingle with other good boys when they don't have their shots.

Be a good boy. Do it for the puppies...or whatever.

Your best bet is to get fully vaccinated as soon as you possibly can. If you aren't vaccinated, stay home and celebrate St. Patrick's Day with all the green beer you and your dog can stomach.

Point being, if you aren't vaccinated, stay home and save yourself and others from the consequences that may follow.

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