Dear Natalie,

I hope this blog finds you well. I hope you have a wonderful time among family and friends during your induction to the West Texas Hall Of Fame. There has NEVER been a more deserving artist. The facts certainly show that your reach in the world was at least equal to that of Buddy Holly. Please keep in mind he had a bunch of haters here too.

Natalie Maines
Noam Galai, Getty Images

I have to tell you there's still a generation here who go to church on Sunday but still don't know the meaning of forgive and forget. Most can't even remember why they're mad; they're just mad.

It's ironic that these same people who judged you for what is now a very mild opinion on public affairs, post the most hateful and racist memes and stories about our current president. You see, to them it's not that you disrespected a president; you disrespected THEIR president. They can't see the irony and they can't see the shadow of hate following them everywhere they go.

Rest assured, there are many who love you and all that you'd done. We know you're being a bigger person by traveling here in the face of such ridiculous, unfocused and undeserved anger. This town will have to live with the knowledge of missed opportunities because "one of it's womenfolk spoke up."

It has truly been an embarrassing chapter in time -- not because of you, but because so many shunned a beautiful, talented woman over a difference in opinion.

Since becoming a blogger, I've learned a lot about what you've gone through, albeit on a much smaller scale. I can tell you that there are still folks out here that just like to "get their mad on" and it really doesn't matter why. Ignore them. That's what the do and there's nothing you can do to change it.

Accept your award with pride. It's not only well-deserved, but it's classy that you thought enough about your hometown to come pick it up.

Best wishes,

Wes Nessman

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