There sure seems to be a whole lot torn up at one time.

Without getting too far in the weeds, there's apparently some agreement for TexDot to renew 19th Street and then turn it over to the City Of Lubbock (I think that's correct, but it's not terribly important to the story). Apparently 19th Street needs a lot of work.

Herein lies the problem, 19th Street from the Interstate to Avenue Q is all being worked on at the same time. There is in fact so much work being done at the same time that I can't believe they don't just close the street. Having the street open gives you the idea that is passable, and for the most part, you feel like you are driving through a war zone.

I can't even imagine what the businesses in that area of 19th Street are going through. There is NO WAY I'd intentionally head down that street without a very specific purpose. Think of that, you have a business that is pretty much a major gateway to downtown, or at least to concerts at the Amphitheater, and someone comes along and makes it miserable, good intentions or not.

There certainly will be an upside for those businesses and travelers once this job is done, but it has all the looks of something that is going to take a long, long time. I have to frequently use that road so I captured a bit of video. It's crazy how long the construction zone is and how much is going on (presumably) simultaneously.

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