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Earlier this week, American Airlines had to divert a Los Angeles to Miami flight to El Paso. Unlike previous American Airlines flights that had disruptions, this flight had nothing to do with creepy moans and groans. Instead, the disturbance on Tuesday was from a woman who kept screaming, according to the Houston Chronicle.

A business class passenger told reporters that a female passenger on the flight ran up to him and started yelling at him to "repent" and that "we're all gonna die." The woman kept yelling and screaming about redemption, repenting, and dying, according to reports. Eventually, she was restrained and placed in flex cuffs while an off-duty officer offered to sit next to her.

According to the Houston Chronicle, the plane was checked for explosives. None were found when the plane landed in El Paso.

When attendants asked if the woman needed "to get off this plane," she replied "yes," and the flight was grounded shortly thereafter in El Paso, where firefighters checked the aircraft for explosive devices, Rohrlich reports. No such implements were discovered, and the woman was escorted from the plane. It remains unknown if charges have been filed against her.

Hopefully the woman who caused the disturbance will get any help she may need. It doesn't sound as though she was a threat to the plane or passengers; just suffering from something that she needs help with. In any case, that won't be a flight that the passengers forget anytime soon.

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