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Well, this is a whole bunch of nothing.

I kind of expected this to be more fun or more of a Jackass-type stunt, but it was such a walk in the park that I almost don't know what to say.

Now, I must say upfront that I have not been exposed, at least according to current definitions. I would say at this point everyone has probably walked past someone who had the bug. It was for that reason that I decided I should take a test; I wanted to see what people I know are going through.

I decided to just use the CVS drive-through testing because, well...because I didn't think this through and didn't think about going to my primary care doctor.

You are handed two bags: one for information, and the other for collection. You open up the swab, get it your nasal cavity as far as you can and root around in there for 10-15 seconds, then you do the other side. To be honest, the only thing that made me uncomfortable was the thought of using one snot covered swab on both sides of my nose.

True, it's not the best part of your day, but it is nothing to fear. You won't have a problem. If you need a test, go get one. It's just so easy. The most memorable thing is the way you go up, then straight back. It's kind of an odd mental moment to push to make that turn with a foreign object.

On the uncomfortable level, it doesn't even really rate. It's not pain; it's just kind of weirdness.

Anyway, here are the videos we shot.

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