ZZ Top had to cancel last night's Lubbock show due a shoulder injury suffered by bass player Dusty Hill. It apparently happened right before they were supposed to take the stage (and pictures taken confirm he was fine most of the day).

Most people understand that accidents happen, others are so full of themselves that they have no empathy for others.

Unfortunately, Heathen and have a choice to make whenever there's a big show in town. We either go to a concert, or we do a morning show. Sometimes we can tape one, but we try not to do that. I personally had to go before even the opening act hit the stage. I've gathered what information I could at this point. It also helps to have some perspective on the situation since last night.

It's one thing to let out a little boo when you find out your big night out has been cut short. It's a whole other thing to continue to be an ass about it when you find out someone was hurt. Social media this morning had plenty of jerks just like that who think that Dusty Hill should have just "walked it off" and played.

A friend of mine served as a runner for the show. According to her status update, she was the one to pick Dusty up from the emergency room. She said he was in an incredible amount of pain, was disappointed about the postponement, but was trying to keep everyone else's spirits up. Sounds like a pretty good guy to me.

This video is not safe for work.

*Also a big shout out to my friend Jeff Nicholson. This guy thought his band was opening for ZZ Top for three months, found out three days before the show it wasn't happening, and THEN had to be the guy to tell the crowd that the show was postponed. You can see him make that announcement in the video below.