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These are a little off the beaten path.

My morning show partner Chrissy published her top 5 local restaurants, which you can see below. Knowing I could do better, I put together my top 6 restaurants. That's one better for those of you playing along at home.

I actually was going to pass on this idea, but I saw that Chrissy had a few off-beat choices on her list, so I figured mine would be okay. Is this "fine-dining"? Well, is fine-dining really even a thing anymore? I make no real claims other than the fact that these are the places I go to. In fact, these are the only places that I go to. I'm trying to find a Lubbock home for Pho, but I haven't settled on one of these yet.

I hope you'll give some of these Lubbock businesses a try. They're out here standing right next to the big boys and rockin' it.

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