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If you're like me, you probably have a box or too of completely threadbare shirts that you could never, ever throw away -- or wear in public. I have an ancient Iron Maiden baseball tee that I've resewn the armpits on multiple times. It's tissue-thin and I had to give myself a stern talking-to about wearing it outside the house anymore.

Luckily, Post, Texas artist Mistie Day has been upcycling these classic beauties into one-of-a-kind distressed flannels and jackets. The result is really cool, and the perfect way to save those amazing old shirts from slowly rotting away in the obscurity of someone's garage.

I asked Mistie, the proprietor of 8thdaycustoms, what inspired her to create these wearable works of art:

Creating these flannels does so much for the person who orders or picks the right one. It creates a memory or a reminder of a Perfect time in their life. Maybe even a lost love story. I hope to always be able to make these one of a kind items.

Certainly, every one of my tattered shirts holds years of positive psychic energy. My Baroness shirt from the first Bloody Holly festival? Totally magic. Yes, we got into trouble for having a Bloody Holly festival and that's why they stopped after two, making the ones that did happen sure special. I have FMX shirts that were printed before I was born. They've been worn and washed so many times you can see right through them. They would make amazing flannels by Mistie, I am sure.

Mistie sells her creations through her Etsy shop, and you can contact for customs as well. Be sure to follow her Facebook for more updates. The following is just a fraction of her work, so if you don't see your favorite band, check out her Etsy store, or ask her for a custom piece.

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