Lubbock's native son has another "hit" in 2023. Buddy Holly just won the 2023 Westminster Kennel Club championship!

Okay, so it's Buddy Holly the dog, but he's clearly named after one of the most influential musicians in early rock history. I feel like Lubbock gets to claim this win, too.

Buddy Holly is a petit basset griffon Vendéen, and if you've never heard of that breed before, that's understandable, as this is the first time this breed has ever taken first place. Look at him, he's adorable and could so totally rock the glasses if he wanted to:

Good Morning America
Good Morning America

Buddy Holly had some stiff competition with, "Rummie the Pekingese, Winston the French bulldog, Ribbon the Australian shepherd, Cider the English setter, Monty the giant schnauzer and Trouble the American Staffordshire terrier," all of whom have significantly less cool names than Buddy Holly.

This isn't the first time Buddy Holly has met with posthumous fame, rock band Weezer had a huge hit in 1994 with the song Buddy Holly, a song about how the singer oo-we-ooo looks just like him. Of course, there's been movies and documentaries as well, and Lubbock does have The Buddy Holly Museum and Buddy Holly Hall. I actually had homeroom in the same room as Buddy Holly, as there is signage at Lubbock High. Neat!

If you're wondering if this Buddy Holly is from Lubbock, well, I'm sorry to say he's actually from Palm Springs. I would have accepted Clovis also, as some of my favorite Buddy Holly songs were produced there.

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