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Can I say it a million more times? If you want something great, turn an artist loose.

We told our friends at Advanced Graphix that we really wanted to salute all things basketball during the season, and they came back with something awesome. It's the new FMX Basketball spot t-shirt. This one is printed on a black shirt, and has The RockShow logo on the front pocket and a basketball replacing 94.5 FMX's legendary purple spot.

For you trivia folks, this is the second time we've done a basketball spot shirt. The first time was somewhere in the mid 1990s, and that one was printed on a white shirt.

So, how do you get one? Well, this is our standard giveaway shirt, but we're looking into a special launch. Then again, you could just enter to win two of these shirts now by clicking the big button below so your team will be all stylin' for some two-on-two.

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