What If It Rains At The FMX Purple Party? The short answer is, you'll get wet. The long answer is ,the roadies, the techs, the bands and everyone will make the best of it. Yet, something pretty awesome is happening. For the first time in what seems like forever, we have NO chance of rain in the forecast. Instead we're going to be dealing with a bigger problem.

I do believe you'll be wishing for rain at the FMX Big Purple Party.  Right now we're looking at a high of 87 and it should be muggy as heck. This means you need to take in plenty of liquids and watch yourself.  In addition, the mosquitos love a good concert too. Make sure you spray yourself down big time before you come to the show.

We are looking forward to an epic day on the radio and behind the scenes. We have some cool interviews set up with the bands that we'll be videotaping and of course the best part is getting pictures of you guys "all purpled up" . We've go a case of purple paint and we aren't afraid to use it.  Make sure you stop at the purple painting station on your way in and get your war paint on.

Rain or shine, the party is on!  Get ready for another epic FMX event.