I don't know if these shirts are made by someone with a poor sense of culture, a bad sense of humor or if they have just run out of ideas.

I guess the stores think you'll be so desperate for something green to wear that you'll grab anything. "Irish I Had Pizza" sounds like something a Garfield knock-off would say (and even the original isn't funny). Then there's the "I Don't Need Luck, I'm A Ninja". What the hell does this even mean? It's like saying "I Don't Need To Be Happy, I'm A Clam". It just doesn't make any sense. Sure it flirts with the edges of humor but then wildly veers off the road and crashes into Whatthehellville.

I know the struggle is real for those of you looking for last-minute green to wear for St. Pats, but with shirts like this, I'd rather be pinched.

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