We are quickly approaching November, a month synonymous with Christmas shopping. Already I am seeing "early Black Friday" deals and as I write this, it's still October!

Americans tend to get rather spendy for Christmas- on average we spend about $1000 on gifts, food, decorations, etc., for the holiday. And most of us want to get the best deal possible on what we buy to make our holidays brighter. But before you start swiping and typing your credit card numbers left and right, I'm asking you to please consider Lubbock in your holiday plans. Let me explain what I mean by that. 


Shopping locally makes a huge economic impact on Lubbock. No, I am not suggesting that you forgo online shopping entirely (I've already bought one gift online) but I am asking you to consider setting aside a portion of your holiday budget to support local businesses here in Lubbock. It's a win/win in so many ways.

When you buy online, that money generally migrates to a big city bank. When you buy from a local Lubbock place or person, that money is more likely to be spent again here in Lubbock, improving our overall economy. Then, we start to see better jobs, better amenities, and better overall quality of life in Lubbock. We all rise together in this scenario.

Even just shopping at a brick-and-mortar big box store in Lubbock saves area jobs!

I've set for myself a modest challenge- to spend at least 50% of my holiday budget right here in Lubbock. This is a very obtainable goal for me because I'll likely do shopping at Ralph's Records and Star Comics, and I plan to get a few gift cards at local coffee shops and restaurants, too. We live in an amazing area for wine- and that makes a classy gift for those who partake. For items that I can't really find a local equivalent for, I'll shop at a Lubbock brick-and-mortar, like Ulta, Target, or a shop inside South Plains Mall.

I'm also excited to support Lubbock's amazing artisans. I'll be buying pies and sweet treats from individuals (yay Texas Cottage Laws) and local businesses, along with handmade candles, soaps, jellies, jams, etc., from local art/ artisan markets. Many markets have popped up in Lubbock over the last few years, and they are such a fun place to hang out, enjoy the atmosphere, and pick up some amazing finds.

Of course, experiences make great gifts, too. Perhaps a pedicure or other personal service might be perfect, or a stay in a local hotel for a relaxing or romantic night out.

Christmas is about giving- and when you shop locally, you are giving so much more. Not only are you buying a loved one a gift, but you are also funding someone's dream, and you're improving your community. It's a beautiful- and merry- thing to do.

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