I was watching White Lotus on HBOmax when I was reminded of puka shells.


When I was an eighth-grader, puka shells were mandatory. Our crew's eighth-grade uniform was puka shells, Hawaiian shirts, and baby-blue corduroys. Occasionally we'd wear Hang Ten, Lightning Bolt or O.P. (Ocean Pacific) shirts and of course, and concert tees (it's weird to think, we rarely wore concert tees, mostly because we were too young to go to concerts).

Of course, the idea of corduroys positively frightens me now because even though it was what the cool kids wore then, the material almost seems old ladyish now. I don't think I could stand the shells on my neck, but who knows, I may rock one of those Hang Ten shirts because it still looks comfortable.

So anyway, I asked some of my friends what their "Eighth Grade Uniform" was, and here are some of their answers:

*R. Flores
Blue Jeans, polo shirt, and chugga boots ...

*T.  Espenschied
Band tee, trip pants, DCs lol

Parachute pants covered with rock band bandanas and rock shirts.

*E. Rudkins
Band tee, jeans, Kaepa high tops.

*X. Contreraz (Pictured Above)
Acid wash ripped jeans, usually a funky color or black with a band tee. Jelly bracelets, or band bracelets, I love boobies bracelets lol I was your average scene/emo kid lol 😂
Xandy Contreraz

Jeans, a black ZZ Top shirt from the Antenna tour, black Nikes, a White Sox hat, and either a green or blue hooded flannel shirt.

*R. Eaton
Black t-shirt, blue jeans, Payless shoes, Atlanta Braves pullover.
*N. Harpster
That’s a long time ago. Probably a t-shirt, blue jeans, and high-top Converse.

*C. Jaramillo
Eighth grade. Christ the King red polo shirt with dark pants (or skirt). Boys tennis shoes.

Jeans, bandanna,concert T & flannel shirt.

Gloria Vanderbilt jeans, a blouse with a tie, and a pair of flats.

*Wesley Brazil
501s or plaid board shorts band tees or lighting bolt shirts.

*Courtney Headley
UNITS, lots of popped collars. The modified mullet years.

*A.j. Burkett
Baggy jeans something black

*J. Cannibal
Clothes I hope. Oh and a rat-tail hairstyle. But probably dickies khakis or jeans and a t-shirt. Sometimes paired with a plaid flannel shirt with only the top button buttoned. Until I'd get in trouble and be told to undo the button or button them all up

Bell bottoms, cute shirt, I don’t remember the shoes

*Jeanie Jones
Guess jeans, guess T-shirt, brown leather Sperrys, and white slouchy socks

W. Rowan
Bell bottom jeans, a button-up shirt, and Dingo boots.
Sometimes I wore a leather easy Rider vest with tassels, with the outfit.


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