Oh Whataburger, I could just kiss you right now!

Here in Texas, we begged, we pleaded, and we wrote strongly worded comments on the internet that all echoed the same refrain: give us back our Jalapeno Cheddar Biscuit! And you did it! And I can substitute it for any biscuit on any breakfast sandwich? Perfection. Watch me do it with the Honey Butter Chicken biscuit like a true gourmand.

Not content to only satisfy our breakfast desires, you also brought back a lunch/dinner and a dessert favorite too, and introduced a new item! You are on fire right now!

Also back on the menu is the Southern Bacon Double, a cheeseburger with bacon (of course), American AND Monterey jack cheese, crunchy slaw, and your tangy Southern Style Sauce. A fancy restaurant burger at a totally reasonable Whataburger price? Excellent.


Additionally, one of Texans' favorite desserts is back on the menu, in the form of an icy cold creamy shake. Banana Pudding is back. It takes like visiting Grandma in the country and running around with cousins for hours- a beautiful combination of indulgence and freedom.

Not content to just bring back all the bests, there's a new menu on the item, too, that is perfect for summer. The all-new Whataburger BLT with thick Texas toast, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and mayo. That's a craving I had that I couldn't quite put a finger on, but now that I know, I'll definitely be visiting you Whataburger, to try it soon (if I could possibly talk myself out of the Southern Bacon Double).

Looks like I'll need to make multiple trips this Summer because, like Summer, these items are for a limited time.

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