The legendary "What's In The Box?" segment returns to the RockShow Friday morning. Up for grabs, the very first set of FMX Birthday Bash tickets and more.

Moving van with cardboard box and chairs by house

What's In The Box, previously known as "What's In Jacqui's Box?" is a live guessing game with escalating clues and escalating prizes.

It's simple: We put an item in a box, and if you guess what it is, you win a prize. The item in the box doesn't necessarily have anything to do with the prize.

We plan on going three rounds, but someone could always bust it early.

If the item is guessed in Round One: Two FMX Birthday Bash tickets.

If the item is guessed in Round Two: Two FMX Birthday Bash tickets and two 36th Birthday Bash t-shirts.

If the item is guessed in Round Three: Two FMX Birthday Bash tickets, two 36th Birthday Bash t-shirts, and two FMX shot glasses.

We plan on only taking three calls in round one and round two. If we go to round three, we'll take calls until we get a winner.

We get started shortly after we kick off the weekend at 8 a.m.

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