I recently moved into the tallest building in Lubbock and it's been pretty interesting to have a different view of the city. I've felt like a big shot, hanging out on the 17th floor, but the Metro Tower pales in comparison to the tallest building in all of Texas, the JPMorgan Chase Tower. It's absolutely massive.

The JPMorgan Chase Tower is a 75-story skyscraper in downtown Houston. It's 1,002 ft tall and 2,243,013 square ft. It's currently the tallest building in Texas. It's also the tallest building in the South Central region of the United States, AND, it's actually the tallest 5-sided building in the world, which is pretty cool.

I snagged some really cool photos of it from Google. I was surprised at the Google View quality in downtown Houston. It's way better than the street view in Lubbock! If you ever get bored, you may just drop that little yellow Google guy down in the middle of Houston and take a virtual walk through town. It's pretty spiffy.

The Tallest Building In Texas Is Friggin' Massive!

Afraid of heights?

What do you think? Have you ever been to the JPMorgan Chase Tower? I don't have very many good reasons to be in the building, but I think I just might have to pop in and check it out the next time I'm in the Houston area. It's just way too cool, and I'd love to look out of the window on the top floor. I bet it's absolutely incredible.

Hope you enjoyed learning a little more about the tallest building in Texas! Now, head over and check out some of the local Lubbock galleries below!

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