Well, that's something you don't see every day.

Odessa, Texas resident Bert Stone was pretty surprised when he asked for salt at a Midland food truck and was handed a bag of it that looks strikingly similar to a bag of drugs. He snapped a photo to give everyone else a laugh and put it on Facebook with the caption: "Craziest way I've been given salt."

If you know anything about the Midland/Odessa area, then you know that they are notoriously ragged on by the rest of the state of Texas for drug use and criminal activity, which makes this entire thing even funnier. But, hey, he asked for salt! If you don't have salt packets on hand, I suppose this is the next best way to give a customer what they want.

That doesn't make it any less funny.

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I can't make too much fun of that area. I actually graduated from college over there and was pleasantly surprised at how many of my classmates had all of their teeth. I grew up hearing rumors that Midland and Odessa were hot spots for drug activity. It actually wasn't THAT bad living there, but I'd definitely choose Lubbock if it was between one or the other.

Most of the drugs are usually blamed on oilfield workers. There are a ton of those around. Men in dirty work uniforms EVERYWHERE. In fact, I feel like sometimes there were barely any women around when I walked through the grocery store. The bun to wiener ratio is way off in that neck of the woods.

Anyway, stay classy, Midland! Keep up the good work.

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