Lubbock has been a bit scary lately. Crime, drunk driving, school threats. We've had our share of crazy stuff going on around these parts over the past few months. We just can't seem to catch a break. Things are kind of wild in the 806 right now, which brings me to these two unsettling photos, recently snagged by Lubbock man, Christopher Minjarez.

Perhaps you can help settle the debate as to which one of them gives off worse vibes.

Which of these Lubbock photos gives off worse vibes?


So, what do you think? They both remind me of the various murder documentaries I like to enjoy when I finally get out of this building each day. I should probably watch less of them. A random suitcase with handcuffs attached to it and a taped-shut fridge are all too familiar in my mind.

So much for sleeping tonight.

Do you ever come across really bizarre stuff in Lubbock like this? I'd love to see what you've found! I kind of live for weird photos like these and I'd love to feature them in an article. It may be spooky around here, but I try to have fun when and where I can.

We can either laugh or cry and I'm choosing to laugh.

Feel free to email me at if you have something odd you think I might enjoy poking fun at. Stay safe out there, friends!

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