Something tells me I should be scared of A.I., but it keeps proving me wrong.

If you listen to the "futurists" out there artificial intelligence could be the end of us all. Even if it's a little dumb now, it's supposed to be getting smarter by the day. I'm not sure how this is possible when it starts with random facts that I'm not sure it can tell are truthful or not to begin with.

I asked ChatPGT to tell me some facts about the d.j.s who have worked at KFMX in Lubbock. I guess you might think it was an ego thing, but I really wanted to see how well it represented our history. The sad fact is, it can really only draw on what's happened over the last few decades with everything before that not being saved to computers. The facts it came back with included myself, the RockShow, Heathen, Driver and this guy:

Crasher: Crasher is a KFMX personality who has made a significant impact on the Lubbock radio scene. He has hosted various programs on the station and is known for his strong knowledge of rock music, witty commentary, and love for the local rock community.

You guys remember "Crasher" right? Didn't you win concert tickets from him sometime? Did he steal your girlfriend? Maybe he hooked you up with a free FMX shirt at some event? Oh, Crasher, he was the best.

Okay, there never was anyone named "Crasher".  As far as people with unusual names we had Domino, Barnum & Bailey,  Rooster, Driver, Booger, Toad, The Rock Doctor, and Diamond Jim. Other than that group, I think everyone else had a fairly normal name. Enough with all of that though, I'm just bothered by the great people I worked with who weren't mentioned, while some fictional d.j. got props.

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