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I've been with 94.5 FMX for about a month, and it has been an absolute blast. Everyone at the station has been so awesome to me and has shown me so much love and made me feel really comfortable and overall stoked af about my new job. I also keep getting random cool free s**t, which is not something I am used to.

My good friend sent me a funny coffee mug to keep on my desk. United Supermarkets brought me some real purdy flowers.  People have been messaging me constantly to congratulate me on this bad-ass twist in my life. You guys have really made me feel so special and have given me some much-needed confidence boosts.

I got a box in the mail addressed to me here at the station, and I was certain I did not order anything. I opened it to find it was a Halo Effect Snap Light. I have never used one before but I have heard other people talk about them in youtube videos. It's a cool ring light that has a spot for your phone to clip in the center so you can do live feed videos with nice lighting. It even has an adjustable color temperature setting. Pretty neat.

I'm not a fancy person, and I probably never would have bought one of these for myself in a million years, but I know I will use the ever-living crap out of it now that it is in my possession.

Thank you from the bottom of my little pea-pickin' heart, whoever you are. Now, with this nice lighting, I can fool even more people into thinking I am actually pretty in real life. No need for a filter. Bravo!

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