I'm sure a lot of people will hate me for saying it, but it's time to ditch this dumb tradition.

I was genuinely surprised when I saw pictures of a college homecoming King And Queen. I kind of thought this was still a thing, but I wasn't quite sure. So, why is this still a thing?

If folks were voting for school spirit or volunteer and best friend of the year, but the Homecoming King And Queen thing really don't encompass those things. The Homecoming King And Queen are generally the best looking and most socially active folks on campus. So in essence, we are honoring people who have been treated like little princes and princesses their whole lives and crowning them school King and Queen.

I'm also sure there are people who will say that this is an "important school tradition", but how? If every school does it, it's hardly unique or special in any way.

Yes, there are exceptions to this rule, but with each town kicking out from two to twenty or more homecoming kings and queens each year, the fact is schools are honoring popular kids for being popular and that doesn't seem like a good set of values to pass along...


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