Glory, Glory-Hole-lujah!

I scroll through Reddit and Craigslist every day for work to see if I can find any new stories about Lubbock that haven't been snagged up by the big news people yet, and all I can say is...there's NEVER a shortage of people in town looking for a good ol' fashioned glory hole.

I know. Disgusting, right?

Or maybe there's a bigger picture here.

Regardless of how straight-up icky I think it is to find a random person for such an occasion (in Lubbock of all places, where the STD rates are sky high), it just goes to show how desperate some people out there are for affection. Prostitution is totally illegal everywhere but Nevada, and this leaves many lonely, handicapped or socially isolated people in a hard spot -- literally.

Not everyone out there is fulfilled in that part of their life, and instead of looking at them like heathens just because you don't go buying sex, remember that you are likely getting IT from someone. Not everyone has as much game as you, you stud muffin.

Have a heart!

I wandered over to fellow FMX radio personality Renee Raven's office to get her hot take on the situation:

"I believe sex work should not only be legal but that we should make a priority of legalizing it now because legal sex work is the best way to fight human trafficking. Sex trafficking disproportionately affects Native women, people of color, and children. It's time to do whatever we can to end the practice."
I could not agree more.
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Sex work is real work, and there's clearly a massive need for the world's oldest profession, not just here in Lubbock, but across the board. If only there were a way to make it safe and profitable for everyone.

But wait, there is!

Decriminalizing sex work and making it safe and profitable for everyone is simply the way to go. There's mounting evidence that more harm is caused by punishing those that participate (on either side of the table, or...uhh, wall) than what is caused by simply allowing people the freedom to sell and buy what they please.

Hell, tax it and fix the crumbling infrastructure of our great state. I know a few spots in Lubbock that could benefit from some of that naughty moolah.

Sex work is real work, and there are millions of people that could benefit from some tender lovin', some of which may be your friends and family members. Scroll through Reddit and Craigslist some time. You may be surprised at what you find.

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