Service. The short answer is service. If I'm not going to get any service, then why should I buy there?

So there's this "big box store". I have to go in there a couple of times a week. Every time I go there it's new faces behind the aprons. They don't pay their employees much, they don't train them well and there is little to no reason for the employees to be loyal to the company. The employees are even scheduled remotely from some far off town so the best people don't even get to shine in the departments that they may do best in.

The problem is when you ask for something. They have ZERO reasons to go out of their way for you. They almost act like they would get in trouble for being out of position if they went to help you. They are never around one area long enough to get to know the products anways, so it's kind of ridiculous to ask them anything.

My question for this company is simple? Wouldn't it benefit you as a business to pay just a few people who are familiar with all of the things you sell and how they are used? More importantly, how about ONE manager who expediates solutions and solves problems? No? Well okay. I'll just order stuff online.


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