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Nearly 200 Texans were killed as a result of domestic violence in 2019. And yet, Governor Greg Abbott doesn't seem to think that education on this life or death matter should be mandatory and that parents should be able to opt out of their children learning about it. What kind of parent wouldn't want their child to avoid domestic violence? Perhaps an ABUSIVE one?

The bill was named for Christine Blubaugh, a young lady who was murdered at 16 by her ex-boyfriend who then committed suicide. The bill had bipartisan support and had a pretty straightforward and clear purpose:

It would require Texas public schools to provide age appropriate education on dating and domestic violence, teaching students how to recognize a violent relationship and where to go for help.

This is yet another bipartisan, common-sense law that was vetoed by Abbott this session. How many times in just a week do you see news stories about an abuser snapping and killing his/her family members or intimate partners. I see news stories like this all the time. I've seen the reality of it in my life as well.

Another veto this session that many Texans found infuriating involved the criminalization of certain types of dog abuse.

Abbott said Texas was not a place for that kind of “micro-managing and over-criminalization”.

I think if you tether a dog on a short leash that causes them pain, then you need micromanaging.

All this begs the question- why on earth is Abbott continually supporting abusers and not the abused? He may not be pat-ing these people on the back, but he's also enabling the worst of the worst through his unwillingness to allow these bipartisan, common-sense laws to be signed.

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