Anytime I think Lubbock is becoming a big city, things come crashing down to earth.

Lubbock may be growing by leaps and bounds but not everybody is along for the ride. I found this out this past Sunday when I wanted to grab a couple of pizzas for my work crew.  Now rest assured, I got what I needed, I'm just a bit surprised at how it went down.

First up was my favorite place which is kind of a franchise, but really more of an independent place. They are so independent that I didn't find out until later they are just flat out closed on Sunday. What? Yeppers, they do not open on Sundays which seems like a crazy thing for the pizza business.

Next up was another little-known franchise (and by "little known" I mean few people know it's a franchise).  The person who answered the phone didn't even take my order before telling me it would be a forty-five minute to one hour wait, for my carry-out order. Since this was a non-peak time and I had somewhere else to be, I apologized and told them that wasn't going to work.

I finally had success when I called the biggest chain of them all and I was told "15 minutes and you can come through the drive-through". It really made me question some things when I tried to support the little guys out there and I was kind of snubbed only to have the corporate pie makers make it even easier than expected. Now I know why they have so many locations.

And again to the real topic at hand, which is that I look forward to the days when Lubbock doesn't roll up its sidewalks at night and close shop on Sundays.  I know some businesses are still in "pandemic mode" but I can't give you my money without at least an attempt at service.

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