"I don't work for the store *derp* *derp*".

Let's rip apart some "Good Thinking" shall we?

An online/poster/blogger/whatever posted a bit of a takedown regarding self-checkout lines and it's really dunderheaded.  Sure, some of you will read it and say, "YEAH!" but that's only because you haven't thought about it. Let's dig into some finer points.

*Some of us only need a few items and it seems ridiculous to wait in line. We just want in and out quickly and that's why these self-checkouts were invented.

*The receipt checkers do not think you are a thief (unless they see you thieving). In most cases, they are looking at your receipt to check the unbagged items to see if you forgot to scan them. They aren't looking for theft, they are looking for accidents.

*The receipt checkers are there to keep you honest. The stores know that if you know there is a chance your receipt will be checked, that you are more likely to take this privilege seriously.

*You are "not proving that you did someone else's job". It's not anyone's job. It's a method to get you in and out as quickly as possible. It just so happens that these became popular and thus the "10 items or less" and "15 items or less" signs went away.

*Having self-checkouts save the supermarkets money so they can pass the savings onto you. YOU are the beneficiary of self-checkouts.

*I am sorry that there are people out there who are 100 years old and don't understand innovation and technology. They are more than free to wait in the lines that are open.

*You legally do not have to stop and show your receipt, unless you are actually suspected of theft at a store like Walmart. As far as membership stores go, you do have to show your receipt because it's part of your membership agreement.  If you want the embarrassment of an employee yelling, "stop, stop, security" while everyone looks at you, then enjoy your moment in the sun.

*Don't be a jerk. The receipt checker is just doing the job they were hired to do. They try to check every receipt but sometimes they get overwhelmed so don't think you are being singled out.  Take a few seconds and let someone do their job. If you have a problem with it, write a letter to corporate or go somewhere else. Trust me, you aren't doing the store any favors by bringing an attitude in.

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