As if we didn't already have enough excuses to sit around and binge watch the endless array of online offerings from streaming services, but now a company wants to pay someone a whopping one thousand dollars to watch twenty Marvel Comic movies from Iron Man to Ant Man and the Wasp. 

Avengers Marvel Movies College Course
Marvel Studios

The "chosen one" will have to live-tweet and tag, while they watch, since the company is offering $1k to sit and watch all 20 films in a row. All of the movies will be sent to the wonder-watcher on Blu-ray and a whole bunch of Marvel merchandise.  In addition to live-tweeting the experience the lucky MCU fan will be asked to help create a ranking system for the movies once the binge is complete.

Admittedly, I'd binge watch all 20 movies just for the free Blu-ray, but throw in some dough and merch and I'm all over this "job application"! If you see a random person on the side of the road with a sign that reads "Will Binge Watch For Cash" that'd be me!

Interested in being bought to binge? You can apply online at!

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