Will Ferrell is set to star in a movie called "Get Hard" with comedian Kevin Hart. The story is like this-an investment banker who is being sent to prison hires a guy to get him ready for prison. Uh, a while back I watched "Big Stan" with Rob Schneider about a con man that hires a martial arts expert to get him ready for prison. Wow. More after the jump.

So, basically "Get Hard" sounds almost identical to "Big Stan", right down to the fact that a former star of Saturday Night Live is starring in it.  The GOOD thing is, the script is writing by the guys that run the Key & Peele show, so it should be very fun.  The other GOOD thing?  I have the entire move "Big Stan" right her in HD for you.  It's not a stone cold classic, but it has move than enough laughs to keep you busy. It is also one of the last movies to feature David Carradine (Kung Fu). Enjoy!