The rocker from Pink Floyd is cheekily announcing it as "from his first-ever farewell tour".

I'm going to come right out and say it, this is probably your last chance to see Pink Floyd's music performed live. I reviewed a sample setlist, and it's just amazing to look at. Surprisingly the songs from the epic "The Wall", in most cases, are not performed consecutively.

Water's show is a career retrospective featuring tons of songs from the aforementioned "The Wall", plus plenty from "Dark Side Of The Moon", and "Wish You Were Here" with a few odds and ends thrown in. It doesn't appear he does anything from "Animals", but the flying pig, or a version of it, from that tour does make an appearance.

Waters will be bringing some version of the show "This Is Not A Drill" live From Prague" on May 25th live to theaters. I was completely unable at this time to find

Tickets on sale on April 25th, and it will be shown at "over 1500 theaters", but I can't find any local listings yet. The actual concert will happen on May 25th.

I am hoping that one of our locals finds this an enticing opportunity. I don't believe they had any problems selling tickets to the Metallica album debut, so you'd think a full show from the Pink Floyd founder would also do well.

Consider this post "Not A Drill" but a chance for you to visit the film's site and get signed up for updates so that you'll know if it is coming to our local area.

Neilson Barnard, Getty Images
Neilson Barnard, Getty Images

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