Dollar General Stores are paying their 157,000 employees four hours worth of work to go out and get their coronavirus vaccinations, according to an article published by The Wall Street Journal.

I think that it's pretty impressive that they're giving their employees this extra boost instead of making them take unpaid time off of work for such an important appointment. Now they won't have to lose out on any extra funds, which will be a tremendous help to those who have already had to miss work because of the coronavirus for one reason or another.

It would be great if other companies would follow suit and incentivize going out to get the COVID-19 vaccination. The faster we can all get vaccinated, the faster we can get back to living a normal life.

Even if your company doesn't give you an added bonus or money to go out and get your shots, please go and get them anyway. Here at 94.5 FMX, we're desperate to see some live music and comedy in town again soon and we can't get to that point without the help of everyone in our community.

Thank you, Dollar General, for being a leader among others and for caring about your employees and the community. We hope to see more companies like you stepping up to the plate and taking care of business

If your employer is giving you some kind of incentive to go out and get a COVID-19 vaccination, we would love to know about it. Comment below or on the FMX Facebook page.

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