I am amazed at how supposedly educated and sane people gravitate towards conspiracies, bad science and misinformation. Someone posts a far-fetched theory on the internet, backs it up with pseudo-facts and all of sudden the rest of the world has to stop while these folks let this nonsense make it's way through their jelly-like brains. More after the jump.



Yes,  one of the latest conspiracy theories is two-fold. #1-the new wireless utility meters are a plot for the United Nations to control your energy usage once they take over with their world government, and #2-the wireless meters are making people sick and are not safe.  Okay, how can you argue with ‘future’ conspiracies?  This is the position the nutballs put use sane folks in.  I could say, the government is going to put a secret chemical in jelly to kill sexual urges in redheads so they will become extinct.  How is anybody going to disprove this statement?  Basically what you get back from the conspiracy theorists is “just you wait” or “governments have been known to do stuff like this”.  Well, excuse me if I continue to believe in the goodness of man in general and the ineptness of government in general to do mundane tasks, much less “control” a population.

Now, on the other side, there may or may not be people who are extremely sensitive to radio waves.  This issue has been explored time and time again and there’s no conclusive proof.  These wireless units broadcast back like cell phones.  Much like cell phones, you shouldn’t hold a utility  meter up to your head for prolonged periods of time.  As with anything else, small doses shouldn’t affect anyone.

Now these meters are on the way to the Hub and the conspiracy nuts, the teabaggers and the uninformed are banding together to show off their ignorance and hold up progress in the Hub.  Interestingly, in many of these cases it’s the same people who bitch about their current meters not being read properly.

I guess its good there’s some people out their with a distrust of the government.  Who knows?  Maybe they help keep the government honest.   I personally am not buying this conspiracy theory.  If you’re really concerned,  I think you’ll be given the option to prove your stupidity and opt out of the electronic meter installation (go ahead and buy a generator too).

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