Let me be abundantly clear, I love the college babies. I am an SPC and Tech graduate myself (WRECK EM!), and I love both the academic, athletic and even the social culture our universities infuse into our city.


I'm just not up for partying in their spaces most of the time. I'm too old, too weird, and far too grumpy. So, I'll be honest, even though I don't try to avoid college hangouts during the semester... it happens. I think any of us "townies" can relate.

But now that our sleepy Lubbock summer is here- it's our turn. We can visit and enjoy the spaces formerly filled up with Tech kids- at our own pace, and even at our own volume. Yeah, I don't love screaming to hear people at a club, call me a dinosaur.

Photo by YingYi Dai on Unsplash
Photo by YingYi Dai on Unsplash

So I'm hoping you'll consider joining me at the "college kid" spaces including First Friday Art Trail, and also bars, coffee shops, and clubs in The Depot District and Downtown. Or even just a stroll around the gorgeous Texas Tech campus- which is full of many large sculptures, making it one of Lubbock's best spots to enjoy public art.

Let's be honest- if any bar or coffee shop on Main or Broadway doesn't make money for the whole year during the semester, they will most likely fail. However, we can soften the summer blow by supporting local, and by venturing perhaps just a bit out of our comfort zone. College kids are no dummies, and if they like it, there must be something to it. You might just find a new favorite.

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