Tumbleweed + Sage Coffeehouse in Wolfforth shared a sad message on Facebook about their recent lack of customers and has been overwhelmed with comments of support and love from the community.

"The last two weeks have been devastatingly slow. Today we only had one customer today, which is literally heartbreaking.", they confided online to patrons in a recent post on their page that has now been shared nearly 2000 times. The post has received hundreds of messages from the community, most of which have been very kind and helpful.

There will always be a few bad apples around to spoil the bunch, and some commenters blame the coffee shop's lack of customers on the fact that they hosted a drag queen story hour there. In reality, it was a fantastic event that my friends all really enjoyed taking their kids to. There were only a couple of protesters around that could have spent their time doing something good for the world instead of spreading hatred.

Even in 2022, some people still find pleasure in bullying others and treating them disrespectfully and as second-class citizens. It's very sad to see, but it's also great to see just how many kind and wonderful people we have around these parts that came to their defense.

Knowledge is truly power, and sometimes hatred comes from a place of ignorance. The best we can all do to make our neck of the woods a better place to live for future generations, is to love one another, whether we understand or agree with them or not. Love is always the answer.

The comments in support of the Tumbleweed + Sage Coffeehouse will really warm your heart.

"I live a thousand miles away, and I will support your company and your willingness to stand for love any way I can."

"Can you set up a virtual shop where we can buy a latte to help? I love what you all are doing but I live in Idaho."

"I appreciate your business and all your community support. So sorry things have been slow. Thank you for letting us know. I will be by this week."

This has all clearly struck a chord with people across the United States, and I think that's just awesome. I'll be heading out to grab a coffee this week too. Anyone who cares as deeply for the people in our community as this coffee shop does deserves my money and a big hug.

Thank you guys for spreading love, and please don't let hateful people ever steal your sunshine. You are doing a good thing. We see you and we love you!

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