I told my wife I needed a blog and she suggested this topic. This is to keep her from ever doing that again.

A Lubbock woman made the tragic mistake of leaving the room while her sister, daughter, and granddaughter were visiting. The woman returned to the room and noticed that the three immediately spread out from a central point, all with their hands covering their faces.  Initially not knowing what was going on (my initial guess was one of the dogs farted) she quickly came to realize that the family members had each stolen some of her Valentines candy and they were chewing behind the cover of their hands.

It should be mentioned at this time, that the three guilty parties had been given Valentines candy of their own (though it was not present at the time). The aggrieved woman has requested more Valentines candy to replace her missing treats. It's possible a GoFundMe will be set up. We will update you as needed.

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