Woody's Brick Oven Pizza and Grill have become a local favorite and I'm pretty excited to announce that they are now offering a totally delicious breakfast menu. From pancakes to French toast to biscuits and gravy and kolaches, Woody's has added all of our breakfast favorites to their menu, which is served from 7 until 11 a.m.

The RockShow was lucky enough to get to try some "Morning Woodies." They're the restaurant's take on kolaches and are also probably the best we've ever eaten. We apologize if you could hear us smacking on them on-air this morning. We couldn't help it. Absolute fire. They didn't pay us to tell you that either, I swear. You just have to get over there and try one for yourself.

I dare someone to find a better kolache in town. After having one of these, I'm reconsidering my new diet. Maybe I'll just be chunky forever.

Local Pizza Spot Adds Breakfast Menu

It's not every day you see a pizza restaurant in Lubbock offering breakfast, and that kind of makes them special in my book. If you're looking for a new spot to grab a bite in the morning, you may want to check them out. They haven't been doing breakfast for very long. It just started on January 3rd of this year, so please try not to bombard them completely or they may be mad that I put breakfast their new menu items on blast to the public. I just can't help it. Those Morning Woodies were the friggin' bee's knees.

Thank you guys so much for making our morning. We will definitely be back for a bite soon, and thank you for supporting local radio and listening to The RockShow.

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