I came across a deal on the Facebook group Lubbock Buy/Sell/Trade that seems too good to pass up.

I just bought a car the other day, so I'm not longer in the market, but perhaps one of you fine folk are interested in this steal. Check it out below.

Posted by the seller:

"1973 Chevrolet Blazer, Yeah she has been around the block, but a true full convertible. Needs floors and alot of love. No motor or trans, no title. But if your are going to build a blazer this one will be worth alot more than the later ones. it is located in Kress. Shown by appointment only. I am not asking what you think the value is, or what you think the price should be. Thanks"

That's right! For the low, low price of *checks notes* $5,500, you can be the owner this 1973 Chevrolet Blazer. The seller did a pretty great job of explaining just what you will get for your buck on his Facebook post, but I think there are a couple things he forgot to mention in his ad, like...

I dunno...

That thing looks like someone found it at the bottom of a lake.

It's like four different blazers, crudely crammed together. All Frankenstein's Monster.

There is literally a tumbleweed where the engine should be.

A tumbleweed.

Too rushed to even snag that out of there before the picture? You're right. Screw it all.

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$5,500? No big deal. You can afford it! It's tax time, and you just got that stimmy, so what's your excuse for not taking him up on this sweet, sweet offer? You won't even have to haggle over the price of the Blazer because he is not at all interested in how much you think it should be. Lucky you! Just grab exact cash and head to Plainview before someone beats you to it.

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