If you are like the majority of American's you have at least one credit card for emergencies, because let's be honest, who has three to six months worth of salary saved up just in case.

In most cases a credit card is the perfect way to get what you need even if you don't have the cash to cover the cost in your pocket right then.

However, there are five things you cannot buy with a credit card, for these things you will need to be sure to have some cash on hand, unless you can find someone who accepts debit cards.

So, what are the five things you will need a debit card or cash to purchase, let me fill you in...

Number five, online porn... hey, if I want to pay the $1.00 charge the site charges and the 39.9% interest my card charges isn't that MY business?

At number four, forget about buying your lucky lottery ticket with your credit card...

Number three, (Woody, this one could be aimed at you) you cannot get gambling chips at a casino with credit... sorry baby

Number two hits the generous people in the pocket, if you plan to make a donation to Wikileaks forget it.

And at number one, you cannot buy marijuana with a credit card, not even if it is prescribed by your "doctor."

So, much for my "emergency" card, guess I will start stashing money in a sock under my mattress like my granny did.

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