By the time you read this, the fight for Net Neutrality may be over. If it's wiped out, then you may have to make some tough choices regarding your internet use.

Social Networking Sites May Be Monitored By Security Services
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As of this writing, you can visit any website you want and the speed at which you see things is dependent on what they display and your internet connection. If Net Neutrality is gone, the people who handle your internet connection can start charging you more (or less, but how often does that happen?) for certain internet services.

Let's say you watch a lot of movies on Netflix. Well, movies take up a lot of bandwidth to deliver to your house, so your provider may sell you a "movie package", but that's not all. Let's also say you like to play online games, well then you'll need a games package. I think you can see how this can build and build.

So the question that intrigues me is social media. Let's define that right now as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  They're all fun wastes of time, but how much would you pay to keep them? I'm of the opinion that at least half the people on the would drop off instantly. I guess it depends on the price. This is a very real possibility, so give it some thought.

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