The RockShow has been doing a pretty good job of keeping up with Texas Tech football. Kelly is a HUGE basketball fan, and who wouldn't at least be curious about the new football team?

With all this Texas Tech sports news, we decided we needed some special Texas Tech music.

The problem with the Goin' Band's version of the song is that it's a little herky-jerky to talk over, so we had an idea.

Many of you know Doug Stapp from Whips n' Kisses. Some of you old skool folks will also remember his instrumental version of Britney Spears'  "...Baby One More Time" that we played and used behind FMX Stages for the longest time (i.e. Cyd the Roadie era).

So when we had the idea for a rock version of the Red Raider Fight song, we knew the man to call.

Here's where Doug takes over the story:

Wes Nessman at the radio station called me and asked if I could put together a rock version of Texas Tech’s Fight song and now that I’ve gotten through last few weeks of Whips show, the heavy version of Tech is almost done (now that I can hide in my basement and get work done). So when you hear a heavy version of the fight song on the radio coming soon... you’ll know where it came from . So thank you KFMX for the great idea and wanting something cool like this done. After I finish guitars tomorrow, James Gelber will be doing all mix downs and get this crazy thing out in the public. It’s been a lot of fun actually.

Doug put WAY too much work into this track and completely orchestrated it for guitar. It's 58 seconds of pure Red Raider bliss.

I hope everyone at Texas Tech University and out in Raiderland recognizes that this track was put together out of pure respect and love for the school and its football program. I guess I should also say that this is not officially sanctioned by Texas Tech, but it would be a dang shame if they didn't pick this up and use it at the ball games (when The Goin' Band is on a break, of course).

Here's the original version of the Texas Tech Red Raiders Fight Song for comparison:

Doug currently also owns Ralph's Records and Tapes. We encourage you to pick up your tunes and tickets from Doug and the gang whenever possible.


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