There's been a lot of talk about supermarkets lately, but have you explored this one?

I'm talking about the Amigos on North University. It just so happens that Amigos United is my neighborhood supermarket, but it's a bit more.  The store seems to be smaller than the usual supermarkets out there but you get such a wonderful mix of American and Mexican foods.

Let me back up here and tell you why I'm writing this. I paid my weekly visit to the Carniceria (that's meat market for some of us) and I was just thrilled with the stuff you can get there. You can pick up premade, ready to cook fajita stuff, specially seasoned steaks and even an exotic choice or two. It's pretty cool to just go grab a couple of pounds of stuff and throw it in the pan or on the grill. I also head over to the salsas/frescas area to make my street tacos really amazing.

So, I know this sounds like an ad, but it's not, it's a genuine appreciation for a place that lets some of us experiment just a little bit with another cultures culinary treats. I COMPLETELY recommend a visit the next time you want to stretch your taste buds out a bit.

***Added bonus*** There is an elote trailer out front!

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