I hope you can handle a little story before we get to the meat of the matter.

Right before I moved to Texas I was elected Junior Class Treasurer for John Glenn High School in Norwalk California. I would have been, I guess, seventeen at the time. One of our first big tasks was organizing a Sadie Hawkins dance (you know, where the girls ask the guys). We decided on a very unique fundraiser/activity to take place during the dance (yeah, probably my idea) and that was TORTURE!

This led to a school government field trip to the Hollywood Hills to procure a very unique item. It was a huge "X" that could be spun with a handle on the back. That's right, for a buck, you could have two hall monitors escort someone to a huge "X", strap them in and spin them until they lost their lunch.

It was a very crazy field trip, and we knew nothing of bondage, s&m, and as a matter of fact, since this was the mid-70s. it was the first time we had ever met, let alone dealt with, a flamboyantly gay man (things have changed more than you know). Well, we did buy the "X" and used it, never giving any thought to the stuff that may have happened on it before we bought it.

So how about you? Are you in the mood for a little light bondage or discipline? Well, today may be your day. I'm not frequently on Facebook Marketplace, but I'm going to visit more often now that I know you can get stuff like a "pillory" on it. That's right, a "pillory" or as some versions are called "stocks". This particular item looks like it was built for comfort, as well as discomfort with a nice padded seat.

If you'd like to see the full listening just click, but in case it disappears (or is sold) here's a picture:

Facebook Marketplace
Facebook Marketplace



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